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Here at W.A.W. we offer a variety of matches featuring the hottest women in the business today, ranging from Pro Style to Competitive to Super heroine, Mixed and more. We are constantly coming up with great matches and we are always on the look out for new wrestlers to join our roster and you can easily find what you're looking for on our site. If you like pro matches, cheerleaders etc, we got them all. 

Our Merchandise store is now open, choose from coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more 

We currently have 3 rings that we can film in, STJ's ring in LA. Kristie's ring in Tustin, and OCCW ( Orange County Championship Wrestling ) in Stanton. They are an awesome pro wrestling indie promotion based here in Orange County. We are also working on getting 3 more locations plus our very own facility which we hope to have secured by 2019. 

We offer a great custom video service as well. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, if you have a favorite wrestler that you'd like to see in your custom match, holds etc, then shoot us an e-mail at and we will work with you to bring your dream matches to life.
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Latest News

Jennifer Thomas retains royal status

New W.A,W Internet Champion Desi Derata

New W.A.W. wrestler Vulcana

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